What is the goal of higher education? To prepare one for the workforce! However, the time you spent during your engineering days in college is not the time spent experiencing real world situations and accomplishments until you get a job. Today, companies and employers value tried-and-tested formulas over unknown and unseen risk. Employers look for achievements instead of probabilities and possibilities, they value experience over knowledge.

Interview is essentially designed to foresee these achievements. There are a number of factors that could land you a job during an interview. Not just a good cover letter and resume, other aspects too involved in an interview play a necessary role in the hiring process. Dressing up for the interview, a firm hand shake, being confident, and giving answers without breaking a sweat. If you manage to get all of these rights, there is nothing that can stop you from landing your dream job.

As a recent engineering graduate, you wouldn’t have much of a work experience. Fortunately, you can put through some interview strategies that will help you effectively answer those tough interview questions. This will ensure your employers that you have what it takes to get that position. Let’s have a look at some of the interview strategies that you can implement. 

Strategies for interview - Source: Wiki Images

Strategies for interview – Source: Wiki Images

Do Your Research – Before heading for your interview, research about the company. Study as much as you can about the services of the company, its products, customers and competition. This research will give you an edge in understanding the company’s requirement. The more you understand the company and its vision, the more likely you are to sell yourself at the interview. An insight about the company’s culture could also help you determine your prospects on the job.

Dress for the Interview- No matter what the company, job position or who the employer is. No matter whether you get selected or not, no matter how much they pay – the way you dress for the interview matters a lot. Dressing well for the interview can create a good impression and is often the most important aspect of any interview.

Look Confident & Sell Yourself – Interviews are designed to allow employers to find the best candidates suitable for the position by understanding each of their skills, attributes and experiences. Going to interview well prepared is most likely to land you the job. This helps the employer figure how your skills differentiate you from other applicants. You need to convince the interviewer that you are perfect for the job. Your resume may the look the best, you might have shopped for new clothes to look impressive, your shoes are all shiny, but all this with lack of confidence will take you nowhere.

Show Enthusiasm – Nothing makes you look more confident than a firm handshake and enough eye contact throughout the interview round. Speak distinctly in a confident manner although on the inside you may feel shaky. Another important thing during an interview is to be a good listener, this will help you read between the lines.

Fluency in Language – Irrespective of the diversity of languages in India, a student must be fluent in English as a first language. This is important for them to step into the job market. Let’s not forget this a professional world. English is the official language of most developed and developing countries. Often when people from foreign countries meet, the common language of communication is English. For engineers like you, it acts as an important tool for gaining more knowledge of latest developments in the field of engineering.

Be Ready For Anything – You may feel confident about yourself and your abilities, but no matter how well you researched about the background of the company, during the interview you won’t know what type of questions will be thrown upon you. It is important that you stay calm and answer each question sensibly and confidently.

Problem Solving – One of the biggest challenges you might face when facing engineering interviews was the problem solving part. This interview process may be completely different and problems that you might not be prepared for. During an engineering interview, candidates are usually asked to solve problems on the spot. This way, the interviewers are able to visualize your problem solving abilities in the future.

Ask Questions That Matter – During the interview, if you do not ask some very important questions to the interviewers, you might land up in a job that doesn’t make you happy. Why does this happen? Chances are you had your doubts about the company, but never got them answered.

As a recent engineering graduate, you may have the disadvantage of minimum or no work experience. But you do have several advantages as well. This includes your recent graduation and know-how about modern day techniques for that particular job position.

The more you follow these basic interview tips and practice an interview session, the greater will be your impression on the employer. Use your ‘engineer’ status as an advantage. Do not consider this ‘fresher’ status as a crutch. Other applicants or your peers may not be as ready for entry level positions and are likely to make basic mistakes due to very little preparation. So, if you attend an interview well prepared and study interview techniques, you will give yourself a leg up on the competition.

Author Bio: Pratish Amin is a professional writer who is been writing content on products, job markets and travelogues. A travel enthusiast, he loves exploring new places and pen down the experience. You can follow him https://plus.google.com/u/0/+PrAtIsHAmIn/posts