For the IT Industry, Pune is a city that is growing and is opening the doors to various possibilities and career. IT jobs are available in plenty as there are many companies in the market that are having various kinds of requirements.

For those people who love to work on different computer technologies such as Web Technology, PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle, Siebel, PERL, Mainframe, JAVA, C++/C/UNIX, there is a good and prosperous future in this city.

IT Sector Is the Next Step for Pune to Shine

The new hotspot for IT Companies

Over the year, Pune has grown tremendously. This once upon a time silent city has now become one of the best and well developed cities in India that is growing at a very rapid rate. While it has made its name in various sectors, Pune is now all set to make its mark in the IT industry. The software jobs that are available here are a dream come true for any IT Professional who wishes to hit the nail on the head.

Choose from the variety that is being offered

There are different positions that are being offered depending on the requirements and positions that are open. Be it openings for fresheners or even experienced people, the packages that are being offered are really good and comes along with a lot of perks and benefits along with the stability of the job. You can get to see a lot of advertisements be it in the newspapers or even the internet. Recruiting for such positions often can be challenging as well as hectic because of the different requirements that are set by the clients.

The market is improving

The IT industry job market in Pune is improving on a day to day basis.  while there may be a slack back in other industries; this is one that always has an opening somewhere or the other. The Hinjewadi IT Park also known as the Rajeev Gandhi IT Park is a project being started by MIDC which will house the IT sector in Pune. This IT Park will have an area of   2,800 acres and is being built at an investment of USD 9.7 billion. This IT Park will be home to some of the best IT companies as well as start-ups.

Branches of major giants opening up

As Pune is becoming a hot spot for different IT companies setting their branches or offices in the city, the major Giants are either already established or planning to establish more branches, due to this, the requirement in this city for IT professionals is increasing at a tremendous extent. Companies like HCL, Geometric Software, Cognizant, Satyam and Wipro are just some of the many names that have an office in Pune. Besides recruiting from people who are already graduated, campus recruitment for these companies are also being conducted regularly giving a growth for all those who are getting into this field.

The demand for skilled and experience professionals

With various kinds of job requirements coming up for Java jobs in Pune.  Companies are also looking out for people who are skilled and experienced who can come in and offer their services in positions like training, quality and even higher management. The packages that are being offered for such professionals is really good. Depending on the kind of experience and the number of projects they have handled, some are even getting into positions that they never dreamed of. As the gates are opening for a better growth and future, it is making a lot of people to actually come and be a part of an industry that has no boundaries and has a firm grounding.


No matter if you are a person who is still in college or has just graduated or even a person who is already working and has an experience, the want for good IT professionals is growing in a drastic manner. This is why companies are willing to offer people a good package along with different kinds of perks that suits their position. For a programmer, getting the right exposure and the right kind of job is very important, this is why people take their time to go ahead and select a job, however with the present market scenario changing so fast and the rapid developments in the field is actually showing doors to a new world, this is an industry that is now planning to become one of the roots for Pune.

While this city has grown so well in other fields, the IT field is now running in the race to make a mark and contribute towards the growth of the city in the best ways possible by providing the best employment opportunities that is needed for people who are either seeking out for or want to get into the industry.  

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