IBPS IT Officer Exam 2014 – In the previous post i have discussed IBPS Preparation Guide for IT Officer Exam 2014. That post contains links for Mock Online Test including Reasoning, Aptitude Practice Papers. In this article I am going to share links and study material for Technical Exam(Professional Knowledge). I am sure this will help in preparation for IBPS IT Officer Exam 2014.

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IBPS IT Officer Exam 2014 – Subjects to Prepare for Professional Knowledge

Most of the Government Job Exams follows same syllabus of Technical knowledge and IBPS IT Officer 2014 exam is no different. There are certain core subjects of computer science that are asked in every Sarkari Naukri examination. Following are the lists of subjects that you should prepare to crack IBPS IT Officer Exam 2014.

  1. Database Management System(DBMS)
  2. Operating System
  3. Data Communication Networks
  4. Compiler Design
  5. Software Engineering
  6. Data Structures
  7. Computer Organization
  8. Programming Languages including C, C++
  9. Digital Electronics and Integrated Circuits

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Database Management System

There are various topics in DBMS that are asked in Exams, but majority of the questions are from Normalization part. So i suggest you to concentrate on Normal Forms more.

Operating System

Operating System covers topics like Memory Management, Process Management, Threading and CPU Scheduling. Try to have practice of numerical from CPU Scheduling, Page Replacement and Other algorithms in OS.

Data Communication Networks

From previous Government Job Exams and recently conducted UGC Net Dec 2013 Exam, i can say that from networking there are mainly two types of questions that are asked. One type of question concerns properties of different OSI Model layer and other focus on IP Address(Which address belongs to which class).

Software Engineering

Software Engineer Questions mainly asked from different Cost Estimation Models, Testing Types.

Data Structure

Data Structure is one of the most important and core subject of Computer Science. The subject deals with various search, sorting algorithms. Most questions are asked about calculation of Complexity in various scenarios. Tree, Linked List, Array, Queue and Stack are also asked in Sarkari Naurki Exam Papers.

Programming Languages C, C++ and OOPS Concepts

If you are good in programming languages like C, C++ then you can easily score good marks in this section. Try to focus on questions including error finding, Output finding.

Compiler Design

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