Banks are important to a lot of people because it helps them easily manage their funds and assets. A lot of people working or owning a business rely on various banks for various purposes.

Because bank operations pose a very high risk of robbery and theft, each branch should be well equipped with the best security devices and personnel. 

Security bank jobs are different from the usual guards we see in malls and other facilities as they have greater responsibilities and require more training.

Different Tasks & Responsibilities with Security Bank Jobs

The Importance of Security Personnel in Banks

A lot of people may not pay respect or give importance to security guards but they are very crucial in providing for the bank’s safety, not only for its clients but for the entire staff and the bank’s contents as well.

The different bank jobs in security are positioned to protect and act upon any danger that is posed within the bank. Learning about the different security bank jobs can help more people understand and appreciate what these people do for you.

Different Types of Security Bank Jobs

Although people only see the security personnel guarding the doors of the bank, there are other security crews working to keep the bank safe. Here are the members of the bank’s security department and their corresponding responsibilities.

Security guards: door keepers

These people are responsible for the customers coming in and going out of the bank. Usually, there are more than one personnel manning the door, wherein one guard is inside and the other guards the outside.

These security guards are also responsible for checking the bags that customers bring inside the bank, making sure that there are no weapons which may pose a threat to the people inside the establishment.

Surveillance crew

This type of security bank position is tasked to monitor the feed from the surveillance cameras within the bank’s premises. Using CCTV cameras, the surveillance crew checks areas where not all people may notice.

This helps the whole security team have a bird’s eye view of what is happening during bank operations at one time. These surveillance crew members require technical skills in operating CCTV cameras and other security gadgets for safe operations.

Security crew: armored truck guards

The third type of security bank jobs is rarely seen within the banks premises because they accompany the armored truck in transferring significant amount of money.

Like the guards posted on the bank’s doors, these security crew carry with them heavy artillery for protection, should there be any unwanted incidences.

These guards go wherever the armored truck goes and are well trained for combat if deemed necessary.

Hiring of people for these 3 security bank jobs have special requirements and training before they are given their post. You can find security bank jobs on SureJob by visiting

These groups of men and women take on the challenge of protecting the public as well as the bank’s assets and finances.

Even though most people just pass by them without a single glance, their job of ensuring everyone’s safety is enough to have a fulfilling profession that not many people would dare to grab.