After class 12, the most obvious questions for most of the students is what to do next?

For some students, it can be an easy task to get into college and choose the right track, whereas for others it is the most difficult situation in their life, which will decide their future. The major cause of this confusion can be due to less of exposure. So here we provide the students with the different types of career options after 12- 

(i) MBBS- Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is a respected career in India. For students who opted for Biology as their main subject after 10th, can choose this field as their career option after 12th. One can do specialization in a various number of fields such as Neurosurgery, cardiology, gynecology, orthopedics, etc. For this, students need to be thorough with biology class 12 NCERT solutions.

(ii) Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)- B.Tech has always been an evergreen career option for students, which involves deeper study and practical application of the science. In a four year of degree, students learn the various real-life application of engineering. 

(iii) Hotel management- Different tourist destination offers a great advantage to the hotels, which is why hotel management is considered to be one of the decent career options for students. Various colleges in India offers hotel management course, such as IHM’s and other colleges that can help students for secured future.

(iv) Law- Law is considered another great career option for students after class 12th. Students with an intellectual mind and analytical thinking show a great success in this field. One needs to have a good speaking skill, logical reasoning, patience, and determination to achieve success.

These were some of the prominent career fields which students can choose after their 12th. To have a good grasp of various subjects in class 11 & 12, students are instructed to solve NCERT solution. Visit our site to find NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Biology and many more.